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360° Profile

Once accepted, you and your child(ren) will be invited to attend our personalised online ‘360° Profile’ session.

See FAQs below for details of what this entails and why we complete these sessions.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an admissions process?

As a microschool, the admissions process - including the ‘360° Degree Profile’ session - is used to ensure Boundless Education is the right fit for you and your child(ren). Our community is successful because of the universally positive contribution all its members make - students, educators and parents alike. 

We welcome students of all backgrounds. We strive for diversity and do not discriminate based on nationality, ethnicity, gender, learning background, or religion. Most importantly, we look for students and families with open hearts, open minds, and a genuine motivation to learn from the world.

We want all our families to share similar educational values to our own, so it is important that the admissions process is used, in part, to ensure we are “all on the same page” as we depart on this learning journey together. 

When can my children join Boundless Education?

Our online application is open year-round for students aged 1-12 and successful applicants will be able to join us at the start of the next available 3-month semester.

Our 3-month cohort dates are as follows:
- September to November 
- January to March 
- April to June

We will also be offering Summer programmes over July and August and a Winter programme in December.

Do you accept children based on their academic ability?

No, academic ability is not part of our selection criteria, but we do ensure that the whole family has similar educational values as Boundless Education to preserve the culture and environment we have established.

Why might our application be unsuccessful?

Boundless Life reserves the right to refuse admission to applicants based on the following considerations:

- We do not have a spot for your child’s age group in your preferred cohort (semester). We would operate a waiting list in this scenario and will reach out to you should a spot become available. 

- Your child(ren) have additional needs that our microschool is currently unable to fully cater for (as mentioned below). 

- If you have not completed the necessary application process fully - including acceptance of our Terms & Conditions.

What is the ‘360° Degree Profile’ session? 

The session will be held between a Boundess Education admissions specialist and each new family. At least one parent is required to attend and the child(ren) enrolling is also welcome. In fact, we very much encourage it. Preferably, at least some of the sessions will include the whole family.

The information from this interview is shared only with each child's educators and will best prepare them to meet each child where they are currently educationally - and then continue their educational journey.

Questions will include information about the child’s previous education, stage of learning, personality, social-emotional needs, possible support needed, previous diagnoses, or learning challenges. It will also include a personalized test to determine each child’s unique learning style.

The interview provides the foundation of the child's Boundless Education 360 ° Profile - a unique bank of information that will grow with each child and can travel from destination to destination during their Boundless Education journey where applicable.

This is a two-way session that also gives families an opportunity to gain more insight into Boundless Education and ask any questions they may have. 

This is our opportunity to get to know each child and assess their unique learning needs and style.

How long is the ‘360° Degree Profile’ session and do we need to prepare anything in advance?

The session is informal and will typically be around 45 mins in length. There is nothing for families to prepare in advance. 

Do you have a fully inclusive provision for children with additional needs? 

At Boundless Education, our priority is to ensure that every child receives the support they need to thrive.  While we make every effort to create and offer an inclusive learning environment, it is important to acknowledge that Boundless Education does not, at this time, have the full range of resources and expertise required to meet the needs of all neurodiverse students.

To determine the specific needs of each child, the team may request a psychoeducational evaluation is undertaken during the admissions process. This will help ensure we can offer your child a place with every confidence that their needs will be fully met. In certain circumstances, the results of the evaluation may indicate your child has needs that we cannot currently accommodate.

Do my children need to speak English fluently? 

At Boundless Education, our priority is to ensure that every child receives the support they need to thrive. Our education programme is delivered in English. We welcome non-English speaking children 1-5 years old to our Explorers stage, as we’ve seen that the play-based learning approach enables us to gently introduce them to a new language. However, Boundless Education does not, at this time, have the full range of resources and expertise to meet the needs of all non-English speaking students aged 6+. We may be able to accommodate children in this age group with English as a second language depending on their proficiency level.

If we want to spend time in another Boundless Education location how do we request this and do we need to pay the Registration Fee again? 

Good news! You won’t need to pay the Application or Registration Fee again. If you wish to apply to spend time in one of our Boundless Life destinations and microschools please schedule a call with our team who can check availability and explain the next steps. 

When does the day start/end at the Education Centres?

Our Education Centres are open 8:45 AM - 3:30 PM Monday-Friday.
Drop-off is at 8:45 am prompt to allow everyone to start their day together.
Pick-up is between 3:15 - 3:30 pm (unless your child is taking part in an Extracurricular Activity).
For children under 7, the first two days of each cohort are half-days (Adaptation Days to give them time to adjust)

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