Multi-Age Learning
& Your Child
Multi-age child groupings empower children to learn at their own pace, instead of being grouped solely according to their age.

The written curriculum in a Boundless Education Centre is designed as a continuum of learning, which describes the Areas of Learning and core competencies children will encounter during a particular range of ages or grades.
Boundless Centres are
split between the following multi-age groups:
Lower Exploration Ages 1 – 3
Upper Exploration Ages 4 – 6
Lower Foundation Ages 7 – 9
Upper Foundation Ages 10 - 12

Children develop at a different pace, so our goal is to support them at their level in each learning aspect.

Younger children learn by observing, mimicking, and collaborating with older peers. Older children develop leadership skills and personal habits.

This approach to child grouping fosters development of empathy, empowerment and collaboration in all children.


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