Every child’s education is built upon three main pillars of support:

To become an independent lifelong learner, the child must understand his or her identity as a learner. Educators are the primary point of contact at school because they interact with children and observe each child’s thinking and learning daily.

This intimate knowledge of a child’s learning complements parents’ insights into that child’s preferences, tendencies, personality, interests, talents, and aspirations; therefore, cooperation between educators and parents are essential to support a child’s progression along his or her educational journey.

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Differentiated learning for each unique child.


Our Parents

Engagement puts parents at the heart of the education process.


Admissions Process

Our admissions is a 3-step process to make sure we get to know you and your family well.


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Exploration (1-6 Years)

Early Years education is the beginning, where kids take the first steps and prepare for that journey.

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Foundation (7-12)

This stage consists of Lower and Upper Foundation. For core academics and mastery we are aligned with the UK/US curriculum.

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