Boundless Camps

Our Boundless Camps offer children the ultimate opportunity to learn whilst immersed in the culture of Indonesia and Bali from our beautiful base in Sanur. 

Families can enrol their children for  2, 4, or the full 6 weeks of the programme. 
Week 1 & 2: Art 3rd July - 14th July 2023
Week 3 & 4: Sports 17th July - 28th July 2023 
Week 5 & 6: Science 31st July - 11th August 2023

Each 2-week programme will focus on a different subject matter with one unifying Quest at its heart based on UN Sustainable Development Goal #4: “Ensure inclusive and equitable quality education and promote lifelong learning opportunities for all”. 

A weekly Field Trip will help consolidate learning and bring the subject to life for our Explorers, whilst immersing them in the culture, community and nature Bali has to offer.

WEEK 1 & 2
Our Explorers will engage in a variety of enriching art activities that showcase the vibrant culture of Bali. They'll create traditional Balinese offerings with flowers and leaves, learn from local artists about the techniques used to create unique and colourful Balinese paintings, and make their own batik fabric using traditional methods. Additionally, they can explore their creative side with a pottery class, and an enriching visit to a Balinese art museum, where they can admire the works of talented local artists and learn about the history of Balinese art.
WEEK 3 & 4
Children will learn about traditional Balinese sports such as Mepantigan, a Balinese martial art that combines wrestling with mud fighting. They can also watch and participate in a game of Sepak Takraw, a Southeast Asian sport that is popular in Bali. 

As the week progresses, children will try their hand at kite-flying, a beloved pastime in Bali - especially in July and August’s Kite Festival. With so many opportunities to engage in both traditional and modern sports, kids are sure to have an active, memorable and enriching experience.
WEEK 5 & 6
Our intrepid Explorers will discover a range of exciting science activities that will ignite their curiosity about the world around them. They will delve into the wonders of marine biology and learn about the diverse species that inhabit Bali's coral reefs. Inspired by the wonders of the sea, they will then visit a local butterfly park and observe the life cycle of butterflies, followed by a visit to a sea turtle conservation centre and learn about the conservation efforts being made to protect these incredible animals. 

Let’s not forget physics! Explorers will also get to grips with the  different forces at work by understanding how kite flying works.
$900 per child per 2-week programme 
$2,250 per child if they are enrolled for the full 6-week programme (a saving of $450) 

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